Organic Panic - Sumatra

Organic Panic - Sumatra


Medium-Dark Roast

Tasting Notes:

Melons & Tobacco

Fair Trade & Certified Organic Coffee

Grade: Grade 1

Processing Method: Wet Hulled

Elevation Grown: 1500-1700 Meters

Net Weight 13oz

Grind Size:
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Don’t panic, it’s certified organic! 

We have procured one of the best tasting Sumatra crops just in time for the fall season! Most seasons the quality coming out of this small island in Indonesia is less than satisfying. Beans from this region generally come with many defects due to large milling operations with poor sorting techniques. We searched many farms to find lots of Grade One organic beans from Sumatra that truly blow us away.

Sumatra has a deep and earthy flavor and is generally dark roasted. Sumatra is a region of islands which is part of Indonesia. It coincides with other great coffees from regions like Flores, Java, Sulawesi and Papa New Guinea. 

Bringing this coffee up to a medium dark roast profile yields some key earthy characteristics of a classic Sumatra, but with wonderful subtle fruit notes like a honeydew melon. Use this bean for an awesome pourer via Chemex or Kalita and a great single origin espresso with lots of crema!