SoulRave 5-4 - Dark Roast

SoulRave 5-4 - Dark Roast


SoulRave: The happy moment when you take that first sip of coffee.

SoulRave 5.4 features two coffees one is Rainforest Alliance certified and the other is organic. Farms must follow strict regulations to maintain the highest standards of sustainability.

The first coffee comes from Lam Dong, Vietnam where they have fertile basaltic soil. This coffee gets pulped and then put through a dry-fermentation in concrete tanks for up-to 14 hours. The bean is then dried on raised beds for up to 7 days in greenhouses monitored for humidity levels until it is ready to be packaged and exported.

The second coffee comes from the Junin region of Peru. This farm is s located at more than 1600m and the Grau family works to maintain small plots of coffee by hand striving to create a standardized quality of coffee, resulting in a fragrant coffee with a sweet aroma.


Varietals:  Caturra, Catuai, Catimor & Typica

Elevation: 900-1700 Meters

Processing Method: Fully Washed

Fair Trade/Rainforest Alliance/ Organic Certifications

Tasting Notes: Peanut Brittle & Bakers Chocolate

A Dark Roast

Net Weight 12oz 

Grind Size:
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