SoulRave 5-0 - Dark Roast

SoulRave 5-0 - Dark Roast



That moment of happiness when you take that first sip of coffee in the morning.

It’s a bit of a SoulRave, or a party in your soul!

Checkout SoulRave 5-0 featuring coffees from Colombia and Brazil

Dark Roast

Tastes Like:

Milk Chocolate


Full Bodied 

Fair Trade Coffee

Variety: Excelso, Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Processing Method:  Washed

Elevation Grown: 1300-1800 Meters

Net Weight 13oz

Grind Size:
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The perfect sipping coffee for weathering the cold.

On the mountainsides of the Huila region lies the small town of Timana responsible for growing some of the best Colombian coffees we have ever tasted. This coffee is compiled by small backyard farmers pooling together at a central mill and grading station. We happened to grab one of the top scoring lots from this season that yields a big and bold flavor profile on it’s own.

The Mogiana region of Brazil has been known for it’s coffee production for over two hundred years. While not the largest area of production in the country, the region was one of the first to establish a rail systems for faster transport of coffee to port. After sampling dozens of different coffees from brazil we landed with this wonderful base for our dark roast. It is smooth like milk chocolate to help create that wonderfully, drinkable cup.

SoulRave 5-0 is a smooth blend of milk chocolate and bold, strong blackberry and plum flavors that together create that amazing party in your mouth you know and love.