My Roasted Nuts - Limited Edition!

My Roasted Nuts - Limited Edition!


Trifecta Roast Blend

Tasting Notes:

Hazelnuts & Honey

Fair Trade Coffee

Variety: Cameroon Boyo

Processing Method: Fully Washed

Elevation Grown: 1800-2200 Meters

Net Weight 10oz

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We took our favorite seasonal coffee and roasted it up three different profiles to create a beautiful and distinctly different blend. 

1. A light roast adds brings a nutty smell and a savory flavor profile due to the roast being stopping at the beginning of the Maillard reaction.

2. A medium roast takes the coffee to the peak of caramelization, bringing you a deep sweetness that is reminiscent of clover honey.

3. A dark roast, just to the first sound of second crack, adds depth and richness without bitterness or smokey flavors.

Blended together yields a complex cup of coffee that is enjoyable down to the very last drop.

Grown off of the second highest peak of West Africa, this coffee is the same variety normally grown in Indonesia, and tastes so unique and refined compared to them too. With farms ranging from 1/4 to 3 hectares in size, it really is a small community coffee. Flowers from the shrubs are pollinated by honey bees, and shade grown underneath orange and banana trees. The main variety grown in the Oku Valley was reportedly brought from Jamaica over 70 years ago. It is now grown alongside a more vibrant variety called Java brought from the province of Java in Indonesia. This gives it a rich and smooth characteristic often found in Kona or Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees.

These beans are part of a farmer field school model, and is produced by 450 farmers broken into twelve groups. Our Importer works directly with these farmers to help revitalize the coffee industry within the region. The goal is to help create higher yields, and increase the quality of the product year by year. We think this coffee is truly great and you will too!

Check out this video about how buying our coffees from Oku Valley directly affects the farmers and their way of life!