Organic Panic - Congo - Medium Dark Roast

Organic Panic - Congo - Medium Dark Roast


Our Small Estate Certified Organic Offering

This season's organic selection is from the Virunga Washing Station in the Kivu Region of Congo.

Medium-Dark Roast

Tastes Like:

Cola & Blackberries

Certified Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Grade: G3

Processing Method: Washed/Sun Dried

Elevation Grown: 1800-2000 Meters

Net Weight 13oz

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Congo has been taking steps toward creating higher quality coffee in recent years. In northern Kivu, the Virunga Coffee farm not only are they working to grow better coffees but they are also using some great processing techniques after harvest. They sun dry the coffee cherries for a few days before processing them in a washing mill. It give these beans a great fruity flavor that yields a fun and unique cup.

 At the base of the Nyiragongo volcano lies a small group of farmers working together to create better coffees all year long. Each shrub is harvested by hand before being brought to the washing stations in Virunga. Once sorted the cherries are laid out on beds to ferment and dry in the sun until they reach a peak dryness. After drying the beans are transported on a four day journey through two countries before reaching port. We scored a fresh crop at the tail end of the season and it’s one of our favorite coffees ever.