The Journey - Medium Roast

The Journey - Medium Roast


This is a washed SHG microlot from producer José Justino López Rivera’s farm Finca Azacualpa in the Celaque region of western Honduras. Jose and his journey are the inspiration for this coffee.


José Justino is a producer from El Carretón, a small community in San Sebastián, Lempira. The firstborn of six children to grains farmers, Jose attended school until sixth grade because, like other families in the region, once he finished his elementary studies he had to work with his father in agriculture and also as a day laborer to help support his family.

Jose worked for six years and simultaneously planted 500 coffee trees in a small plot at his house in El Carreton. After struggling to acquire more land to grow the project, José went to San Pedro Sula fin pursuit of better job opportunities.

In 2000, José saved enough money to finish the 9th grade and after graduating he moved to the US to work and save money. In 2007, while still working in the U.S., he bought his first 1.39 hectares to plant coffee in the Azacualpa community in the municipality of San Marcos de Caiquín, Lempira. His father and his brother-in-law helped care for the farm, collected the harvest and sold it as wet parchment to intermediaries.

Since then he has bought more plots of land including 0.69ha in La Mision village and 0.69ha in San Antonio. In 2010 he purchased 10.48ha in Azacualpa and planted 3.5ha of coffee trees. In 2012, Jose returned from the USA to work on his farms full time. Using the profits from the farm he built a house where he currently lives.

Jose is currently working towards RFA, UTZ and Organic certification. His coffee is intercropped with pine, lemon, avocado, orange, guava, banana and inga trees


Harvesting is carried out selectively and by hand. Ripe cherries are mechanically pulped and fermented for 12-16 hours depending on ambient conditions. After thorough washing, the parchment coffee is sun-dried on concrete patios for 5-8 days (until the optimum moisture content is reached.) At this point the coffee is rested in a clean, cool and dry environment before secondary processing (milling, grading, sorting).

Varietal:  Bourbon

Elevation: 1850 Meters

Processing Method: Washed

Tasting Notes:

Blood Oranges & Dark Chocolate

A Medium Roast

Net Weight 12oz 

Grind Size:
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