Frosty Balls - Winter Blend

Frosty Balls - Winter Blend


Medium Roast

Tastes Like:

Caramel Drizzle & Pears

Fair Trade Coffee

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

Processing Method:  Washed

Elevation Grown: 1400-1600 Meters

Grind Size:
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All the leaves have fallen and the nights are cold. Take a minute to enjoy a great cup of coffee before venturing out into the frosty unknown. We took two distinctive coffees and combined them to create a fresh blend just in time for winter weather. It is sure to warm up your taste buds!  We roast each coffee separately until they reach their perfect roasting profiles and then blend them together to create a rich and creamy cup. These two coffees combined create a unique palette that neither coffee could give on its own. 

For the last few years Congo has been taking steps toward creating higher quality coffee. In northern Kivu, the Virunga Coffee farm not only works hard to grow better coffees but they are also using some great processing techniques after harvest. They sun dry the coffee cherries for a few days before processing them in a washing mill. This year the beans have rich cola and earthy notes that yield a fun and unique taste.

Casitas district of the Copan region in Honduras is where 130 members grow organic coffees across the region. The CAFESCOR cooperative started in 2012 in order to help the region get better crops year after year. This lot stood out to us with some wonderful floral notes and a subtle brightness in taste that compliments the rich and dark aspects of the beans from Congo.