Monsoon Cache

Our end of summer giveaway is scheduled for August! We will be raffling off a Chemex set up and a couple of bags of coffee! To enter, you must find one of the many seals we’ve hidden throughout the city of Springfield. A seal will get you a free bag of coffee and enter you to win our end of summer giveaway. Each month we will reveal various locations (coordinates) where you could find a seal and win! Make sure to post on social if you find one, and tag us! Happy summer everyone! 


Cache #1


On the hill where plants grow indoors
Lies a solid alley
Gasoline fuels the car, turn the key!

Lat.: 42.120067
Lng.: -72.57522


Cache #2

Across from Tower Square, don’t forget to tie your chucks. And give thanks for new life!

Lat.: 42.103350
Lng.: -72.591444